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This section will provide links to updated versions of the Aircraft Materials Fire Test Handbook as well as the early versions. A segmented version is also available for those who are having trouble downloading the full version.

FAA Policy on Use of the Aircraft Materials Fire Test Handbook

Federal Register for Use of the Aircraft Materials Fire Test Handbook

Links for Regulatory Information

Individual Chapters and Appendixes (Latest Update)

09/29/09: In an effort to provide a constant for simplifying the calibration factor calculation in FAR 25, Appendix F, a long standing error was noted in Chapter 5 (Heat Release Rate Test for Cabin Materials) of the Handbook. The constant value located in the equation (Paragraph 5.6.6) is currently 23.55 and should actually be 25.31.

Last update to the Handbook was made on 5/18/06 in accordance with Policy Letter on use of Handbook above.

Chapter Title
Chapter 1 Vertical Bunsen Burner Test for Cabin & Cargo Compartment Materials
Burn Length Determination
Lab Test Form - Bunsen Burner Test
Chapter 2 45-Degree Bunsen Burner Test for Cargo Compartment Liners and Waste Stowage Compartment Material
Lab Test Form - Bunsen Burner Test
Chapter 3 Horizontal Bunsen Burner Test for Cabin, Cargo Compartment, and Miscellaneous Materials
Lab Test Form  - Bunsen Burner Test
Chapter 4 60-Degree Bunsen Burner Test for Electric Wire
Lab Test Form  - Bunsen Burner Test
Chapter 5  Heat Release Rate Test for Cabin Materials
Lab Test Form - OSU Heat Release Test
Heat Release Rate Calibration Factor
Chapter 6  Smoke Test for Cabin Materials
Lab Test Form - NBS Smoke Burner Test
Report on the Smoke Chamber Furnace
New Furnace
Chapter 7 August Update Oil Burner Test for Seat Cushions
Advisory Circular on Flammability Requirements for Aircraft Seat Cushions.
Lab Test Form - Oil Burner Seat Cushion Test
Chapter 8 August Update Oil Burner Test for Cargo Liners
Lab Test Form - Oil Burner Cargo Liner Test
Cargo Liner Test Procedures Training Video: View Online | Download
Chapter 9 Radiant Heat Testing of Evacuation Slider, Ramps, and Rafts
Chapter 10 Fire Containment Test of Waste Stowage Compartments
Chapter 11 Powerplant Hose Assemblies Test
Chapter 12 Powerplant Fire Penetration Test
Chapter 13 Test for Electrical Connectors used in Firewalls
Chapter 14 Test for Electrical Wire used in Designated Fire Zones
Chapter 15 Two Gallon per hour Oil Burner Certification Testing for Repaired Cargo Compartment Liners
Chapter 18 Recommended Procedure for the 4-Ply Horizontal Flammability Test for Aircraft Blankets
Lab Test Form - Bunsen Burner Test
Chapter 19 Smoke test for Insulated Aircraft Wire
Chapter 20 Dry Arc Tracking Test Procedure
Chapter 21 Dry Arc-Propagation Resistance
Chapter 22 Cotton Swab Test for Thermal Acoustic Insulation Blankets
Chapter 23 Updated Test Method To Determine the Flammability and Flame Propagation Characteristics of Thermal/Acoustic Insulation Materials
Radiant Panel Procedures Training Video: View Online | Download
Chapter 24 Test Method To Determine the Burnthrough Resistance of Thermal/Acoustic Insulation Materials
Chapter 25 Oil Burner Flammability Test for Magnesium Alloy Seat Structure
Appendix A FAA Regulations
Appendix B The Approval Process
Appendix C Materials Used in Aircraft
Appendix D Regulatory Methodology Used By Other Countries
Appendix E Aircraft Industries Internal Test Methods and Guidelines
Appendix F Laboratories Actively Using Fire Test Procedures
Appendix G Commercial Manufacturers of Fire Test Equipment

List & Archives of Changes to Handbook

Date of Changes Archived Section
07/31/2017 Chapter 8
07/31/2017 Chapter 7
06/21/2017 Chapter 8
06/21/2017 Chapter 7
06/20/2017 Chapter 23
03/10/2017 Appendix B
02/17/2017 Appendix G
02/17/2017 Appendix F
02/17/2017 Chapter 25
02/17/2017 Chapter 6
10/03/2016 Chapter 7
08/18/2016 Chapter 8
07/12/2016 Appendix F
07/12/2016 Chapter 8
01/29/2016 Chapter 7
11/18/2015 Appendix F
06/12/2015 Appendix F
04/28/2015 Chapter 5
03/30/2015 Chapter 8
03/27/2015 Appendix F
02/18/2015 Chapter 25
10/10/2014 Appendix F
10/10/2014 Appendix G
05/07/14 Appendix F
05/07/14 Appendix G
05/17/13 Chapter 6
05/17/13 Appendix F
01/21/13 Appendix G
01/21/13 Appendix F
10/05/12 Appendix F
09/10/12 Appendix F
07/20/12 Appendix F
02/09/12 Appendix F
02/09/12 Appendix G
10/21/11 Appendix F
02/25/11 Appendix F
07/13/10 Appendix F
02/17/10 Appendix F
12/17/09 Appendix F
09/29/09 Chapter 5
09/04/09 Appendix F
02/05/09 Appendix F
01/14/09 Appendix F
05/21/08 Appendix F
05/02/08 Appendix F
04/21/08 Appendix F
02/22/08 Appendix F
02/22/08 Appendix G
01/28/08 Appendix F
01/14/08 Chapter 7
05/04/07 Appendix G
05/04/07 Appendix F
05/04/07 Chapter 7
01/26/07 Appendix F
11/09/06 Chapter 8
10/2/06 Appendix F
05/18/06 Chapter 6
05/18/06 Chapter 7
05/18/06 Chapter 15