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Name Phone Email
Dave Blake
Branch Manager
Fire Detection
Accident Investigation
(609) 485-4525
Vanessa Lello
Branch Secretary
(609) 485-5150
Richard Hill
Program Manager
Overview of Programs
(609) 485-5997
Richard E. Lyon, Ph.D
Program Manager
Fire Research Program
(609) 485-6076
Tim Marker
Section Manager ANG-E212
Full-Scale Testing
Fuselage Burnthrough
Cabin and Cargo Water Spray Testing
Halon Replacement: Lavatory Extinguishers
Magnesium Alloy Flammability Testing
(609) 485-6469
Harry Webster
Engineer ANG-E211
Halon Replacement: Hand Held Extinguishers
Hazardous Materials
Battery Testing
(609) 485-4183
Doug Ingerson
Engineer ANG-E211
Halon Replacement: Engine Nacelle
(609) 485-4945
Steve Summer
Engineer ANG-E211
Fuel Tank Protection
(609) 485-4138
Dhaval Dadia
Engineer ANG-E211
Freighter Fire Protection
(609) 485-8828
Tom Maloney
Engineer ANG-E211
General Engineer
Flammability of Lithium Batteries
Fuel Cells
(609) 485-7542
Robert Morrison
Aerospace Engineering Technician ANG-E211
(609) 485-4507
Dave Mills
Aerospace Engineering Technician ANG-E211
(609) 485-6774
Tom Carmen
Technician ANG-E211
(609) 485-6570
Robert Ochs
Engineer ANG-E212
Composite Material Fire Test Method Development
Next Generation Fire Test Burner Development
Fluid Flow Visualization Techniques
(609) 485-4651
Timothy Salter
Engineer ANG-E212
Park and NexGen Oil Burners
(609) 485-6952
Steve Rehn
Engineer ANG-E212
(609) 485-5587
Dung Do
Engineer ANG-E212
Flammability Test for Evacuation Slide Materials
(609) 485-6539
Mike Burns
Aerospace Technician ANG-E212
Smoke Chamber Test Method
Heat Release Test Method
(609) 485-4985
Rick Whedbee
Aerospace Engineering Technician ANG-E212
(609) 485-4610
Larry Fitzgerald
Computer Programmer
(609) 485-5852
Timothy A. Smith
Computer Programmer
(609) 485-4711
Louise Speitel
Full-Scale Tests: Gas Analysis and Toxicity Assessments
(609) 485-4528
Richard N. Walters
Research Chemist
(609) 485-4328
Sean Crowley
Engineering Technician
Small-Scale Flammability tests
(609) 485-4743
Michael Donio
Computer Programmer
Web Developer
(609) 485-4637
Frank Hahn
Computer Programmer
(609) 485-6464
April Horner
Working Group Coordinator
Conference Information
Working Groups
(609) 485-4471