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What's New

Date Section Description
04/15/14 Materials June meeting info posted and registration opened.
04/15/14 Systems Agenda posted for May meeting.
03/12/14 Systems Registration open for May meeting.
03/12/14 Materials Presentations, minutes, and attendee list posted from March meeting.
03/05/14 Reports Added report DOT/FAA/TC-13/52
02/13/14 Materials March meeting info and agenda posted.
02/03/14 Conference Posted attendance list.
01/30/14 Conference Posted proceedings.
01/30/14 Reports Added Report DOT/FAA/TC-13/53
01/10/14 Front Page 2013 Highlights posted
11/22/13 Conference Added meeting room information.
11/21/13 Conference Updated schedule, abstracts and bios.
10/22/13 Reports Added report DOT/FAA/TC-13/46
10/21/13 Reports Added report DOT/FAA/TC-12/13
10/04/13 Materials Added September 2013 HR2 Task Group Meeting files.
08/22/13 Conference Added abstracts and author biographies.
07/22/13 Materials Minutes and attendee list posted from June meeting.
07/02/13 Materials Presentations posted from June meeting.
06/07/13 Systems Presentations, minutes, and attendee list posted from May meeting.
05/17/13 Handbook Updated Appendix F and Chapter 6
05/14/13 Materials June meeting agenda posted.
05/14/13 Systems Update the May meeting agenda.
05/09/13 Systems: Lavex: Lavex MPS Updated Lavex Minimum Performance Standard
04/12/13 Reports Added Report DOT/FAA/TC-13/2
04/05/13 Reports Added report DOT/FAA/TC-12/53
03/29/13 Systems May meeting info updated and agenda posted.
03/19/13 Materials Presentations, minutes, and attendee list posted from March meeting.
02/05/13 Reports Posted reports DOT/FAA/AR-11/3 and DOT/FAA/TC-12/39
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