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Fuel Tank Flammability Assessment Method

The Fuel Tank Flammability Assessment Method (FTFAM) is a Federal Aviation Administration-developed computer model designed as a comparative analysis tool to determine airplane fuel tank flammability as a requirement of Title 14 Code of Federal Regulations 25.981 . The model uses Monte Carlo statistical methods to generate flammability data for certain unknown variables over known distributions for a large number of flights. The model iterates through each of these flights, calculating the flammability exposure time of each flight, given the data input provided by the user. Calculating this flammability exposure time for a sufficiently large number of flights results in statistically reliable flammability exposure data. These calculations can be performed by the user for virtually any type of airplane fuel tank (body tank, wing tank, auxiliary tank, etc.) both with and without a flammability reduction method being employed.

Download the latest version(11) of the FTFAM.
Download the FTFAM User's Manual.

The Reduction of Fuel Tank Flammability in Transport Category Airplanes rule was published in the Federal Register on July 21, 2008. To view the final rule, click here.

Fuel Tank Flammability Reduction Rule Workshop

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