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Title Author(s)
Heats of Combustion of High Temperature Polymers Richard N. Walters, Stacey M. Hackett and Richard E. Lyon
Non-Burning Silicone Resin Composite Laminates T. C. Chao, S. K. Sarmah, G. T. Burns, and D. E. Katsoulis
Thermally Stable Polyimides Stephen Z. D. Cheng, Fuming (Bruce) Li and Frank W. Harris
Mechanical Characterization and Durability Study of Geopolymer Composites P. Balaguru, J. A. Hammell and A. Foden
Polyphosphazenes: Flame-Retardants for Aircraft Applications H. R. Allcock and M. M. Coleman
Flame Resistant Polymers from Natural Resources R. M. Laine, H. Cheng, L. Viculis, C. Zhang, R. Narayanan
Computer Modeling of Polymer Degradation Marc R. Nyden
Fire Resistant Nanocomposites Jeffrey W. Gilman
Polyhydrohxyamide (PHA) Fibers and Films Seung Koo Park and Richard J. Farris
Low Flammability Precursors to Polybenzoxazoles J. S. Kim and S. W. Kantor
Surface-Active Flame Retardants Wei Chen, Padma Rajagopalan, David Long and Thomas J. McCarthy
Chloral Based Polymers Jennifer R. Stewart and Richard J. Farris
Measurements and Molecular Modeling of Flammability P.R. Westmoreland, K. Rotem, and T. Inguilizian
The Synthesis and Characterization of New Thermoplastic Fire Resistant Materials James E. McGrath, Yongning Liu, Hong Zhuang
Development and Fundamental Understanding of Polybenzoxazine Resins: A Class of Ring-Opening Phenolic Resins that Expand upon Polymerization Hatsuo Ishida
Synthesis and Testing of New Non-Halogenated Flame Retardant Polymer Additives. Morgan, A. B. and Tour, J. M.
In-Situ Characterization of Flame Retardant Polymer Systems Using Laser Spectroscopic Methods B. Cullum and S. Michael Angel
Innovative Fire Retardant Polymeric Systems. Phase II Arthur F. Grand, Ph. D.
Fire Properties Database of Engineering Plastics S. Gandhi
Evaluation of the Thermal Degradation of Polymer Matrix Composites
via Ultrasonic Spectroscopy and Fracture Toughness
Gregory T. Schueneman, Alan J. Lesser, Terry Hobbs, and Bruce M. Novak
Microscale Calorimetric Method for Determining Fire Properties of Materials Richard N. Walters and Richard E. Lyon
Polysilphenylenes U. Lauter, S.W. Kantor, K. Schmidt-Rohr and W.J.MacKnight