The accident database has been constructed on behalf of the Airworthiness Authorities participating in the Cabin Safety Research Technical Group (CSRTG).

All data has been derived from reliable sources, primarily from Accident Investigating Authorities. The database contains accidents involving fixed wing civil registered transport passenger aircraft (with 19 or more passenger seats) and cargo aircraft; all certificated to Part 25 requirements or equivalent. The database includes textual and numerical data, as well as photographs and diagrams.

The database contains accidents from 1967 onwards and is periodically reviewed and revised.

It is recognised that there is much accident data available that is not contained in official accident reports. “Unofficial” data is therefore marked by curly brackets “{ }“ and is displayed in red.

The database provides simple and advanced searching and exporting facilities for all registered and unregistered users.

Registering on the database allows the user to store their private and individual Custom Lists and Saved Searches.

  • Custom List - This function allows the user to select or import a custom range of accidents to either search through (the contents of which will stay active for 6 months), or export to a hard drive.  This functionality also provides the ability for multiple custom lists to be combined.
  • Saved Searches – This function provides the ability to save searches. Only the criteria of your searches are saved not the results, so if the database is modified your results will automatically be updated.

The database is freely available for use as a resource for improving aviation safety. Its production has been made possible by the financial support of the following authorities:

  • Transport Canada
  • US Federal Aviation Administration
  • UK Civil Aviation Authority
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